Preschool students learn basic music theory; music goes lower to higher, higher to lower, or repeats.  They learn what a quarter note, eighth note, and whole note look like and how to clap or play them (using rhythm sticks or other percussion instruments).  We feel tempo, or the beat of music with our bodies and determine if it is a fast or slow song.  We also do ear training by playing games.  The three and four year olds perform mini musicals to learn how to perform multiple songs for an audience and every preschooler performs at Grandparents Day.

Kindergarten students build on their basic music theory to the Kodaly Method, which is pitch recognition.  They learn the scale and the triad of the C scale.   Kindergarten students also learn about high and low pitch, crescendo and decrescendo, and accelerando.  They learn the appropriate hand symbols for certain notes in the C scale and they direct the class with their hand signals.

1st-5th grade students begin working on the nine National Music Standards. They begin working on singing alone or with others, composing, learning about music from different cultures, studying different types of music historically, and much more.  The students have many performances throughout the year including Christmas, Christmas Parade, Spring Musical, Big Shanty Parade, National Day of Prayer, Grandparents Day, and at the assisted living center.

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